The screw decanter centrifuge is composed of a bowl, screw conveyor, gear box, driving parts-protecting casing, driving device which rotates the bowl, differential gear which adjusts the revolution number of the screw conveyor, and electric control panel. The bowl rotates at high speed, and the revolution number of the screw conveyor within the bowl can be set operated or adjusted by the differential gear.


The function of the screw decanter centrifuge is to provide centrifuge force for the slurry entered into the bowl, to quickly settle the solid using the difference in specific gravity between liquid and solid, for the rotating screw conveyor to convey the settled solid to the solid outlet, and to dehydrate the solid at conical slope where they are discharged. Then, the supernatant is discharged to the separated liquid outlet through the spiral path.


- Applicable for a wide range of physical properties
- Larger capacity & faster performance
- Fully automatic running without operator
- A variety of models are available on request.
- The rotating body and liquid-contacted parts are made of stainless steel, and the parts exposed to high abrasion are made of special alloy, so that they canhave excellent durability and high anti-abrasion.


Purification - To remove solid from liquid materials
Dewatering - To dewater solid materials
Concentration - To control the concentration of solid materials
Separation - To separate solid materials according to their particles
Washing - To eliminate impurities from the inside of solid materials to better purify